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Butt Augmentation Atlanta

Many men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their flat butts find butt augmentation an appealing option. Through the procedure more enhanced contours are added creating a more aesthetically pleasing shape and attractive look.

Patients who have undergone butt augmentation have finally found themselves liberated from the wardrobe of disguises that they’ve limited themselves to previously. We, here at Butt Augmentation Atlanta, are happy to provide the information you'll need to make an informed decision.


Buttock Augmentation, sometimes referred to as buttock enlargement or enhancement is a surgical procedure performed to increase the size and shape of the buttocks. It generally entails the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the site to be enhanced and/or the incursion of solid silicone implant.

Butt augmentation, or enhancement, is about much more than just adding volume and size to the buttock. Generally with plastic surgery, contouring, shaping, refining, and enhancing are more important than simply increasing or reducing the size of a given body part. Careful artistry and understanding of buttock aesthetics, lower back, flank, hip aesthetics and balance is necessary. Schedule an appointment today with one of Butt Augmentation Atlanta's expert surgeons.


When you meet with our doctor, he will carefully examine your medical history and help you figure out if buttocks augmentation is a viable option for you.

Butt augmentations are performed using two methods; fat injections and/or implants.

With fat injections, fat is selected from other parts of the body and then transferred to the site to be enhanced, in this case, the buttocks. A small incision is made where the future bikini line would be placed so the scars will be will hidden. Your doctor will decide if sufficient fat is available for this method. Normally, combinations of sites are selected to provide the amount of fat needed for the operation. These commonly include the thighs, love handles, hips, waist and abdomen.

In the case of implants, solid, silicone implants, unlike the ones used for breast augmentation, are inserted through a small incision at the crease between the buttocks. The scars are invisible. Your doctor will select the proper fit of the implant based on the limitations of your anatomy and on your desired results.


Once the butt augmentation surgery is done, we will provide compression garments to minimize swelling and to support your new shape and contours. These compression garments are to be worn for a period of 4 days to a couple of weeks, dependent on the surgery performed. There is generally minimal, if any pain and faster recovery with fat injections as compared to buttock implants.

After surgery, pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed and need to be taken for several days. In most cases, you can go home the same day as the surgery. The doctor will advise that you abstain from any strenuous activity. With fat injections, you can resume most normal activities within the first week as opposed to implants where an additional week of recovery is recommended. Call the Butt Augmentation Atlanta Experts so we can discuss your concerns and/or goals.


All people are not necessarily good candidates for buttocks augmentation.  It’s important that patients be in good general health prior to any plastic surgery procedure. If you have diabetes, have vascular diseases or have had past varicose vein procedures, then you may not be a good candidate for this type of procedure.

Thinner people can also benefit from butt enhancement procedures. A good amount of fat can be suctioned from the flank region and lower back thereby making it possible for even thinner patients to be good candidates for buttocks augmentation/enhancement. Removing fat from these regions alone will enhance the buttocks while adding fat to the buttocks will provide even further enhancement.

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